Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The ' I Wonder ' Exercise - Pt 3

DAY 56

I wonder what will happen in my life today ...

Heres what happened in my life today..

Woke up at 7am.

All meditations between the bed and the door have currently been suspended, due to crap weather conditions.My extremeties are struggling to cope with the sudden drop in termperature. As a result, I have moved to a new warmer 'leaning against the wardrobe' location. Its doesn't really compare to the space between the bed and the door  because I can't hear my favourite black bird singing, but its better than getting permanent winkie shrinkage.

Ate a yummie blend of short grain organic brown rice, banana, raisins, honey and yoghurt for brekkie.

Drove Winston to Sayers Common to train  lovely Claire ( See left for a  picture of me and Claire wrapped in toilet roll ) Within seconds of starting the warm up, there was a knock at the door, and a neighbour appeared in tears, clutching her hand, after slipping on a sheet of  ice in the garden. I  wrapped her hand in ice to help reduce the bruising, and reassured her that she was safe and loved. Claire revealed to me later, that Sue's Father was buried yesterday.
During the workout I shared with Claire how I was feeling nervous about tonights audition for the part of 'Rooster' in the musical Annie. She kindly reminded me of the power of intention, and the experiment in conscious dying.

So once again I ask myself a question.

What if I had 59 days left to live on Planet Earth? How different would my life look?

Okay here goes ..

Did a food shop at Tesco in Burgess Hill . Bought enough supplies  for the next 6 weeks. In my experience; better to be safe and full up than sorry and starving.

On this occasion, I chose to use the self service check out.

A  sexy, sassy automated voice instantly spoke  out at me making me jump out of my skin all jack in the box like.


For f**ks sake! Give me a break! I've only got 59 days left to live.

Sexy, sassy voice was humiliating  me in front of the other customers - for bringing  my own recycled bags,  instead of using the wafer thin plastic bags provided. (Supposedly, a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year, and it takes hundreds of years for the bags to breakdown. . unlike human beings, who break down everyday over the stupidest things.)

A few seconds later, a real shop assistant came along and pressed lots of  touch screen buttons, making it okay for me to place my recycled bags in the bagging area.

The first few items sailed through the checkout;  frozen  fish, carrots , de-icer, honey, hemorrhoid creme. eggs, smart price tissues, blueberries...

Then it happened -  the gala apples wouldn't scan. There is nothing more embarrassing than standing at a self service checkout with 15 impatient queing  people giving dirty looks, frantically rubbing and stretching a polythene bag of gala apples, to get them to scan.

At this point sexy, sassy had taken the huff and  was giving me the silent treatment.


Somebody muttered something under their breath


In the brief time it took to make the above comment my pecs  must have grown two inches,  Sadly, this growth spurt lasted the same length of time it took me to make the comment, and quickly evaporated into thin air , to be replaced by an blown up version of the guilt I was trying to get rid of in the first place.

I felt awful.

So, I took a deep breath and invited The Holy Spirit into the situation, to help me make a healthier choice.

Then, I remembered the truth, and everything worked out okay. I made friends with sexy voice, apologised to the gala apples for treating them unkindly, and sent unconditional  love to the 15 people in the queue.

in a nutshell; only the love is real in any situation.

Worked on Roosters New York accent.

Ell arrived looking slightly green due to a case of pre audition nerves. We had a boogie to Stereo MC's, ate a simple healthy dins, and cleared our fears around auditioning for Rooster and Lily eventually arriving at the truth .. that Its perfectly okay to SHINE.

The audtions went brilliantly. Fortunately, we both got to read and sing together along with Deb as Hannigan. The audition panel laughed out loud and when the song and dialogue finished said that they had seen enough, turned to each other, nodded, and said the words ' we know, we know'.We celebrated our mini victory with a photo of Rooster and Lily.( See below)  Whether we get the part or not  is now in the hands of the lovely people on the  panel.

Watched the movie Underworld with Ell on my new flatscreen TV. It' a fantastic, slick  film about vampires and werewolves refusing to forgive each other. Kate Beckinsdale plays a PVC clad vampire. ( Some people suffer from latex allergies, so if after reading this blog you notice any skin irritations or rashes developing after wearing your latex leggings, please check with your doctor.)

Ell and me did face to face sex. I played the werewolf and Ell pretended to be Kate Beckinsdale. PHWOAR!

Went to sleep humming the words to the song Easy Street..

Easy Street

Easy Street

Ellie is the key


Goodnight X



  1. Okay, I can't tell you how hard this made me laugh. I want the Nige and Elloa reality show! Oh, man, the apples, the forgiveness of the guilt, then the permission to shine. Can you hear me laughing? I can barely type this thing. You are awesome! I love the pic of you two.

    You shine no matter what! Just by being your beautiful self! Thanks for the reminder in this.

  2. What an AWESOME post!
    You are SO FUNNY! How are the hemorrhoids?!
    Brooke, I think ... in fact I'm pretty sure.. that I heard you laughing!

  3. Okay, I'm joining in on the laughter here. Damn,'ve got a gift for bringing the giggles to the surface.

    Sorry to hear about "the rhoids." :)
    And the apples. :)

    You shine through all of it, though, that's what I love about you.

    How beautiful that you paused and made space for Love to come in.

    Thank you for all of this, my friend.

  4. P.S: Um, Elloa, look quite stunning in that photo. (You too, Nige :)