Monday, 25 October 2010

Dream of Flying by Gordon Neumann

DAY 94

Flying, gliding,
twisting, cavorting,
lifting with my arms flapping,
through the sky in ecstasy,

such a power for my body
in simply floating
as anti-gravity,
up in the air,
ascending three feet,
six feet,
twenty feet,
a hundred feet,
a thousand feet,
descending to a hundred feet,
twenty feet,
three feet,
returning to a hundred feet,
to a thousand feet
above the ground,

is this a dream,
or a view of future reality,
such a feeling of freeing
spirit-indwelt carnality,
I dare not betray this possibility
for the travel of my soul
to this glorious destiny,
the birds have nothing on me,
as I sail with the wind
and a highly-evolved mind
conscious of the Christ within me.

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