Monday, 25 October 2010

Rest in Peace

DAY 95

Things that have died recently ...

'And The Beat Goes On' - 70's & 80's night which me and Ell organized in Shoreham went off due to people refusing to wear leg warmers

Winston's car radiator crossed over to the other side - due to old age. (Winston is my car not my boyfriend)

Comedian Norman Wisdom. ( best known for comedy films produced between 1953 and 1966 featuring his hapless onscreen character Norman Pitkin. These films supposedly made more money than the James Bond Film series ) My Dad did a top impression  of Norman Wisdom.   

Claire's Coffee Shop -  taken over and transformed into a cafe.  ( The difference between a coffee shop and a cafe is as follows: A coffee shop sells coffee and is more comfy, and a cafe on the other hand also sells coffee but is uncomfortable. )

The upper left molar tooth in my mouth had to be extracted leaving a gap the size of a crater.

My underpants -  fell apart due to strain and constant usage. It might be worth mentioning to always avoid buying underpants from pound shops because they are rubbish.

The multi tool used for fixing my bike fell apart which made it difficult to fix the rear geranium.

I nearly mentioned the Chilean Miners because 33 days is a really long time to survive underground. Some animals like moles and earthworms spend their entire lives underground, but miners are a bit like prairie dogs because they spend some time below ground and some time above ground. The good news is they all got out safely and were given free sunglasses to protect their eyes from the desert sun. However, all have severe dental infections and some have eye problems, so there is a possiblity that they may lose a tooth or have to wear glasses in the near future. Below is a picture of the Chilean miners ...


  1. Gems! Your words are gemstones of comedy genius...

    "Strain and constant usage"!
    "Winston is my car not my boyfriend"!
    "Rear geranium"!
    Absolutely CLASSIC. You will never live this down (interesting phrase, isn't it?)

    The above post epitomizes why I am so incredibly in love with you.
    Can't wait to read more when I get back from France.


    P.S. Your legs look really good with those legwarmers and heels on ;-)

  2. Thank you for this post, Nige...a few of those little blurbs had made laughing out loud (especially the underpants one!)--a nice release for the beginning of my day.

    Thank you for your support on my blog...what a pleasure it is to walk this walk together.

    P.S: I've recently connected with Elloa and am just so happy about that.