Saturday, 13 November 2010

The ' I Wonder ' Exercise - Pt 2

DAY 74

I wonder what will happen in my life today

This is what happened in my life today...

Read a passage from the BIG blue book - According to Christi -  ‘All healing is essentially release from fear’

Meditated in the space between the bed and the door for 41 minutes. It was raining 'dogs n cats' and blowing a gale so I wore a hat and gloves in an attempt to combat the elements. Meditation calms the mind, bringing  inner peace and harmony into my life.

Stretched the body... Ooof!

Ate a simple brekkie of oats, raisins, banana, mixed seeds, honey and rye toast, washed down with a cup of green tea.

Worked from 10 - 5 at the café - A work colleague confided in me about how she was finding it difficult to show up with a manager about certain things . So, I encouraged her to take a deep breath, and walk heartfirst into into the  fear. She did exactly that,; sat down and poured out her heart to the manager, returning a few minutes later with tears streaming down her face. I gave her a big hug, and reassured her that each time she does this she takes a step closer to herself.

Had a nice lunch - Baked Potato, Tuna and salad.

Spent a few minutes sat in quiet reflection.

Decided to tell the truth to my manager and share a few things that have been eating away at my peace of mind. Requsted that he put a stop to the pervert joke. Mr manager seemed to appreciate my brutal honesty and said that he would deal with the situation immediately.

Spoke with Ell on the phone. Our connection was simple, intimate and deep. (much to the disapproval of Mr ego who despises  having to take a back seat.)

Received 2 x brand new headphones from Koss free of charge. Yippee!

Cleaned the bathroom - knocked over the  mop bucket. Whilst on the subject of extreme cleaning I would like to tell you a short story. Many years ago whilst working as an ancillary for a parcel delivery company, I was made to sweep the entire depot. This was no easy task as the depot was the size of a small town. The following day I complained to a Buddhist friend, who reminded me of the cleansing affect that sweeping can have on the soul. So, later that day I changed my attitude towards simple tasks and experienced ecstasy whilst sweeping a depot. The manager even threatened to dismiss me for being happy in the workplace.

Ate the yummiest din dins - organic short grain brown rice, mackerel, steamed spring greens, carrots and broccoli with a tbsp of good oil.

Constructed a new age compilation filled with lots of soothing music.

Made a barley cup - borrowed milk from my landlords fridge without asking permission first - this could be classed as stealing and may result in me being thrown in jail. I don’t want to go to jail so next time I will ask before I take it.

I was going to have a nice relaxing candlelit bath in essential oils, but the water was freezing. So, I talked myself into having a cold shower instead. Some individuals say cold showers are good for improving circulation, strengthening immunity and increasing energy and well-being, but I have to disagree on this occasion because I almost had a heart attack and captain winky shrunk to the size of a button.

Watched people doing sex on the internet. I have never understood why the women in these films only ever use the word 'YES' during sexy time. Maybe they could use other words instead like; certainly, of course, sure, no problem or maybe they could just make up an excuse like 'Im too tired' or  just say 'NO' and sit quietly in the space between the bed and door instead. 

Had a read in bed - The Man Who Cycled The World. Its the epic story of Mark Beaumont who travelled 18.297 miles solo in 194 days and 17 hours. Bloody el!



  1. Oh shit. I'm laughing and so appreciating you & how you tell your stories and how you live your life.

  2. "So, I encouraged her to take a deep breath, and walk heartfirst into the fear."

    This was so profound for me to hear today. Been having the hardest time with my daughter, which really means with myself and my fear:) This sentence was for me.

    Thanks for the sweet, hillarious, post making the ordinary, extraordinary!