Tuesday, 16 November 2010


DAY 72

‘Silence is a natural state of spirit and we will never connect with the truth unless we can learn to be quiet’ - Mike George

Today, I am an explorer in search of a quieter world, wrapped in a blanket, sitting cross-legged in the space between the bed and the door. However, Mr ego has other plans; it keeps distracting me with silly thoughts about auditions, workshops, relationships, sex, money. This list is endless and covers the entire surface of my mind, like clouds covering the sun.

I am feeling uncomfortable but refuse to engage, preferring to remain completely still. My mind is rambling but my body is still.

Gradually, the breathing becomes free; and I rest in the space between the end of the sigh, and the next in-breath. Suddenly, the voices inside my head stop chattering, the birds stop singing, and the world disappears. I am pure energy, silently drifting into something uncertain, yet vaguely familiar; gently melting into stillness.

Then its back to counting the breaths and naming the distractions.

 In my experience; whenever, I name the distraction I keep the ego at arms length, creating a simple space to gently bring myself back to the breath, choosing love over fear. There is no middle ground, no in-between. To choose one is to let go of the other. In other words; it is impossible to be in both places at the same time.

Our spiritual journey is just the falling away of illusions, to the remembrance of love, as who we essentially are.

Before enlightenment, chop wood,
carry water.
After enlightenment, chop wood,
carry water.


  1. Your willingness to come back to yourself again & again is such an inspiration, Nige.

    "I rest in the space between the end of the sigh, and the next in-breath."

    I'm here, breathing in & out with you.

  2. Beautiful, Nige. You tok me into that space between with you. Exhale.... Thank you--perhaps the hardest thing to remember as we get closer and closer to waking up.

  3. Something 'vaguely familiar'... almost like a forgotten song.

    I can't say I relate very much to the experiences you're having, and I can't quite say I'm there with you. It's a place I know, but if I were on a train, I'd keep missing this stop, needing to go round again hoping I'll remember to get off next time.

    Feels like we're drifting in separate directions at the moment. I wonder what is dying inside me today? I wonder what the truth is? I wonder if I can just trust all of it..