Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The ' I Wonder ' Exercise

DAY 88

I wonder what will happen in my life today

This is what happened in my life today...

Meditated for 25 minutes in the space between the bed and the door. Found myself getting annoyed because I kept  losing contact with the breath. Had to spend a few minutes  identifying and naming  the distraction..
'  Work.. Sex..  Money.. Sex.. Health.. Sex...Sex.. SEX... '

Called work and  lied to my boss. Made up a story about having a to attend a business meeting, so that I didn't have to cover a shift.

Made a truly scrumptious  brekkie consisting of blended rice, bannana, raisins, seeds and honey.  

Intended to type a blog, but sadly the optical mouse died. No batteries.. no blog!

Ate a simple lunch of  roast tatties, canned mackarel and steamed Kale.

Drove Winston to the DIY store to purchase new batteries for optical mouse.  Ended up buying a  tool box instead.

Had a decaf latte and a rock bun in the 'nice cafe' in Shoreham.

Sat cross-legged  on Shoreham beach and watched the waves crashing against the shore.

Had a nice  dins - roast tatties , white fish and steamed Kale

Downloaded some uplifting  New Age music

Read  and commented on a few bloggy blogs. Wrote and posted a new bloggy blog.

Watched people doing sex on the internet- Supposedly, men think about sex almost 5,000 times a year. Personally,  I think the  hormone "testosterone" may be to blame. I had thought about becoming a porn again christian but the idea of organized religion doesn't really appeal to me. However, I did attempt to seek out advice from a local pastor.This is what he had to say...

 'If God takes the sexual sins of his men so seriously that men who remain enslaved to sexual sin will die in their sins and wake up in the eternal torments of hell. Sure, the naked people you like looking at are hot… but so is hell. '


Think I might just stick with A Course In Miracles

Reluctantly dejunked a few books.

Fixed puncture on rear wheel. YES!

Went to bed... ZZZZZZZZZZ. 

DAY 87

Be true to yourself - the best life is the authentic life. Never betray yourself. Take off your social mask and have the personal bravery to present the real you to the world. The world will be richer for it.  - Robin Sharma


  1. A Course in Miracles is a wonderful book written by a lovely lady, I also use it to reflect with. Please, read my blog sometime also.

  2. You seriously make me laugh out loud, Nige...I love your real-ness and humor.

    The photo above is adorable--you two look like you're having so much fun.

    Thank you for the comic relief--something I definitely need more of in my life.

  3. This is great, Nige! I love the down right honesty of your human experience. Interesting interplay between sex and eating food. I read in the unedited version of the Course that these drives are impulses to miracles. I'm still trying to understand what that means, but I agree with Geneen Roth, who wrote, Women Food and God, that these drives can also be a doorway into ourselves.

    What I love about this post is it treats them like curiosities, not something to judge, which I think allows access to the door. I'm still working on letting go of judgement with regard to my own experience. Growing up with puritain roots, and food as the drug of choice, it has been a challenge. I notice a sense of freedom with you this way. It is important for me to see this in experience. Thank you!