Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Angel of Death - Pt 2


Supposedly, when a person is close to leaving his or her body an Angel of Death appears, and when this Angel appears it means that it is time to go. During Dad's last few hours on earth my big siss mentioned that he kept looking towards the foot of the bed, which leads me to believe that the Dark Angel may have been in the room.

I sincerely believe that the Angel of Death is Gods most understanding angel.

I also think that  the Angel of Death  gives us a tiny window of time to tie up any loose ends, and say our goodbyes. Dad spent his final hours saying goodbye to everyone he loved; both friends and family before  taking his last breath and leaving this world behind.

The nurses in the hospice where Dad spent his final days had no interest in saving his life; on the contrary, their main focus was to gently help him prepare to make the final journey. I truly believe that these nurses may have an intimate relationship with the Angel of Death, and an understanding of the delicate way death unfolds.

As day turned to night, death entered through the tips of Dad's fingers, gently coaxing his soul from the body, out through the top of the head.

When Mum spoke with me the following day on the phone, she said that witnessing Dad take his final breath was breathtakingly beautiful.

I pray that when my time comes - which is very soon soon, as An Experiment in Conscious Dying draws to a close - that the Angel of Death is as nice to me as he was to Dad, but that he doesn't take me with him on this occasion when I do my final last breath meditation. However, if he does, at least I'll have spent the last 104 days preparing for it.

'I loose the world from all I thought it was' - ACIM

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  1. I agree with you that Death is nothing to be afraid of. I love transmuting the deep guilt that gives way to living.