Saturday, 1 January 2011

Christmas 2010 - Heavenly Highlights

DAY 24

This will be my last Christmas. I would like to share some of the highlights with you...

Exchanging meaningful gifts on Christmas morn. Our intention this year was to give something from the heart rather than the head. Ell gave me a glittery handmade christmas card which I have since framed because it is pretty.

Having a cuppa with Kate, Ned, Tess, Ruby and Cosy. Cosy Blossom read us a poem about a box which she had written.  Last year she could barely read and suddenly as if by magic Cosy has Blossomed in  homage to her name. They also gave me a stunning bicycle book on the history of cycling. The photographs are breathtaking.

Eating Manuka Honey which Ell gave me as a gift. (Manuka honey is a miracle honey made by friendly bees in New Zealand that hang out on the manuka bush.)

Making photographs of the family pulling ridiculous faces on Christmas Day was lots of fun.

Mums silent and deadly Christmas day fart which forced the entire family to evacuate the house. She said it 'it was nowt to do with her' laying the blame on my sister Julie for having fed her fart-inducing brussel sprouts.

The Blackburn Eye (an extra large ferris wheel that only comes to Blackburn every Christmas) -  In my experience a tourist attraction such as this would normally have people gasping in amazement at the awesome sights it brings, e.g. The Eiffell Tower or Sydney Harbour. However,  Blackburn is nothing more than an industrial town and the best it had to offer on this occasion was the top of B&Q and a BP Garage. (Below is a picture of Ell and Imogen on the Bleakburn eye...)

Hanging out with Dave, Jeannete and the kids in the coffee exchange - Extended family.

The historic Boxing Day games extravaganza which takes place every year on Boxing Day in the living room at Thorncliffe Drive with the family. Due to Dad having gone on a new out of body excursion the games were in danger of being cancelled in favour of misery but we all pulled together and the games went ahead. Ell and me played 21 games of Connect 4 back to back resulting in a stunning 11- 9 victory for Nige and a tantrum from Ell who later sought revenge during a game of WHOT by dealing me two extra cards - enough to ruin the game.

Eating Christmas Dins at Siss's was yummie and dessert included the legendary pineapple fridge cake which has been in the family since medieval times.

Conor Mills and that bloomin Christmas flower.

Hiking up Darwen Tower with my beloved Ell  in the snow was amazing.

Going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and changing all the words in the service to reflect the teachings of A Course In Miracles. Say  F**k it to sin and reclaim your innocence.

Attempting to light a sky lantern in memory of Dads life. What started out as a hearfelt gesture quickly turned into a debacle after the lantern crashed  into a neighbouring house and then blew down the road narrowly missing trees, telephone wires and cars.  Sadly, the lantern was destroyed after my nephews and me bolted down the icy road in hot pursuit. I think Dad may have engineered the entire mess.
Riding the bikes around Richmond Park, watching the deer, drinking tea and chatting to other cyclists. We cyclists seem to have a strange language all of our own. It's all rear geraniums and clipless pedals.

Witnessing my nephew Matt reduced to tears as he opened a framed picture of him and his Grandad which I had given him as a gift. We held each other and cried together. I hope that I am teaching him the real meaning of being a man in the world.

Telling Mum how much I appreciate having her in my life.

Asking Ell to marry me in a snowy childrens playground in Bold Venture Park. She said YES. Yippee!


  1. Ahhh, so much beauty! Never a dry eye with you! Thank you for sharing all of this and congratulations on your engagement to Elloa!! There was a ripple of excitement here in Oregon when Julia announced the news! People you don't even know celebrating!--like you were Brad Pitt and Angelina, or something! So exciting and beautiful! Happy New Year! So glad your richness will be a part of my new year, as always, helping me hold the space for Love!


  2. My heart is leaping & jumping up & down & doing cartwheels & back flips all over the place.

    I'm so damn happy for you two beautiful lights.


    And big huge congratulations!

  3. Seeing my dad cry when we told him about our engagement... that was another magical moment for me this Christmas.

    Love your blog. Love this experiment. Love Julia and Brooke. Love the soft place to land. Love you Nige xxx