Friday, 7 January 2011


DAY 18

If I or any other man has ever done anything to hurt you or offend you, and for the manifold transgressions against women, you and every other, I apologize.
Please forgive me and please forgive us.
If you have ever felt demeaned, uncherished, or your womanhood betrayed in any way;
If I or any other man has failed to see the light of your sex and the brilliance of your female spirit, on behalf of all of us, I am so sorry.
May the beauty of women and the power of women and the vision of women now burst forth in our world and in our consciousness.
May the mind of man be healed
May the heart of woman repair.
I commit to you and to God that I am, and shall be, a man who sees your value.
I see your light.
God bless you and your sisters, our mothers and our daughters.
I shall teach my brothers to honour you.
May we never go back.


  1. brought tears to my eyes Nige,

  2. Thank you, dear Nige. Thank you. Your words here are so very healing to me. Such a beautiful blessing you are.

  3. Nige,

    This post literally stopped me in my tracks, ripping me open, exposing the pain, and then massaging my insides with light.

    This post clearly comes from a deep healing from within you. You are such a beacon in the storm, Nige, for me. Your words give me hope for the world, and for the future of my daughters. And when I forget what It is all about, you help me to know that it is always a choice to love, and that it is always the choice that brings healing.

    You inspire me to think about extending love and a prayer toward 'men' in the same way you have--to find the oneness.

    I read this post to my mom, and she was completely bowled over too by the power here.

  4. Nige...I want you to know that these words have not left me since I read them last week--they are forever inside me & feel like a healing balm.

    Thank you for shining your light on the dark parts. I am brighter because of you.