Monday, 17 January 2011

Many Happy (Non) Returns


Today is my 42nd birthday.

This will be my final illusory birthday in this particular incarnation. 42 years ago on the 16th of Janurary 1969 I returned to earth in the form of a bouncing baby boy called Nige. What did I come here to learn? Well, I just have to take a closer look at challenges I have attempted to overcome in this lifetime - losing a testicle, bullying, sexual abuse - to see my current curriculum take form. This lifetime has been a fascinating adventure in for-getting and remembering  I have learnt that there is no middle ground, no in-between. To choose one is to let go of the other. In other words; it is impossible to be in both places at the same time. In my limited experience; forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door to remembering.  It doesn't matter if you are aged 6 or 60, the same guidelines apply to everyone, and in all situations.

Here are just some of the sparkly highlights from my 42nd birthday..

Started the day with meditation, prayers and acknowledgments.

Recieved a beautiful handmade birthday card from Ell. This is what it looked like .. 

I wept on seeing this and thought to myself;  if more parents gave cards like this to their children on birthdays the world would be a better place to live.

My beloved Ell  also gave me a lovely gift, wrapped up in pink paper with a fancy bow; a dictionary and thesaurus to help me learn new words like inimitable -which means impossible to immitate.

Rustled up millet flakes for breakfast with raisins, figs, apple and goats milk. Yummie.

Made a windy road trip in Winston to Marwell Zoo. Home to over 250 exotic and endangered species, in beautiful surroundings.

Said hello to a friendly Humbolt penguin performing aqua aerobics. ( Aqua aerobics is an ideal way to improve the health of the heart and lungs and burn off some calories without suffering excessive wear and tear on the body.)

Connected with the Okapi.;The Okapi is a timid animal which lives in the densest parts of the forests of Central Africa. I am still baffled as to why they had the radio playing in the enclosure.  Maybe, the sound of soothing music was to help relieve the Okapi of  painful memories of loss of habitat, friends and family in the deep forests of Central Africa.

Ell cried when she saw the giraffes. Giraffes are very tall with long necks which is proably very useful for seeing an angry human with a gun from afar and may help save a life.

We shared a feta salad for lunch and listened to the birds singing.

Had an honest chat with Ell over a cup of berry tea.

Met lots of little people filled with wonder.

Ell and me shared the disabled loo at the same time and came out to a crowd of queing people, who looked at us like we had been doing zoo sex.

Ate dins at a pub in Arundel- chicken and leek pie with mash that looked suspiciously like chips.

Made pictures using crayons

Had a wobbly moment  when I started to feel  birthday pressure to make this day the best one ever. Fortunately, Ell was on hand to remind me me that I am innocent.

Crawled into bed, snuggled up with Ell,  and had a catnap.

Ell gave me a birthday massage which hurt like heaven.

Taught Ell how to sit up straight and raise both arms over her head when having a poo to help open up her vowels. According to Karen Kingston in her bestselling book Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui - 'if your colon is clear , your body thrives and your life works. If your colon is clogged , it will affect everything you do.'

Retired for bed thoroughly exhausted but happy.

 All in all, it was a smashing birthday


  1. Sounds like a full, beautiful day. Happy Birthday, Nige.

    Wrapping up a big heart-full of love (with a giant bow)and sending it your way.

    You are truly inimitable, Nige.

  2. Thank you for capturing the day SO beautifully! I am in a state of delight reading this, and am so glad that I have these words and images to come back to whenever I need a little bit of help remembering this most smashing of birthdays.

    Love you, Mr. 8 days to go :)


  3. Happy Birthday, Nige!

    Sounds like it was a heavenly! Thank you for sharing your celebration of you. I'm having my own reading your words.

    Love the card from Elloa too. I like the idea of giving cards like these to our kids.

    I also like the idea of you being reborn in this life having certain events in your life cleared in a 'past' life. Here is to one life ending and a new beginning.