Thursday, 13 January 2011

Last Will And 'Teddyment'

DAY 12

Earlier today I read the following in Cecilias ' Adventures Of A Year To Love' blog ...

'And as that moment arrives, have you said what you want to the people in your life? Have you cleaned up any heaviness in your heart? Have you planned for your service, your belongings and your body? Have you resolved your fear around dying and death? Can you die in this moment with ease in your Being? Are you ready?'

S**t! I hadn't thought about writing a 'Last Will And Testament' or leaving instructions for the funeral. (A will or testament in a legal declaration by which a person names, one or more persons to manage his/her estate and provides for the transfer of his/her property at death.)  I was hoping this bit of the experiment would quietly slip by unnoticed. Perhaps I could just die , and let the relatives sort out my junk for me and divide it up amongst themselves. Failing that, they could just dump it all by the side of the road. (Fly-tipping is the term used for illegally dumping waste in this country). This could be likened to cow-tipping, however, it might  be worth adding that pushing over sleeping cows is hardly similar to illegally dumping a dead mans possessions by the side of the road.

Fortunately, I dejunk on a regular basis so the clutter is minimal(ish). Hopefully, this will make things easier for people when I die. To be perfectly honest, people have more than enough clutter in their lives already without me adding to it. Nevertheless, there are a few remaining worldy possessions which I intend to pass on when I am finished.

'At their best, material possessions provide a link with the past, and a message to the future.'  - Mike George

I have started to make a list... Here are just a few of the things up for grabs ...

1 x A Course in Miracles (slightly battered)
1 x box of Green Tea ( full of antixodiants)
1 x Car (Winston)
1 x Teddy Bear - (known as Teddy to his friends)
1 x Shamanic Drum ( useful for annoying neighbours)
1 x Computer   
1 x Rose Quartz
1 x Wedding Ring ( Dad's)
1 x Nikon D70s SLR Camera
1 x Condor Touring Bike (Harry)
1 x Sweater ( Dad's)
1 x Stone Buddah Statue
1 x Green Jade
DJ Equipment
1 x Framed picture of Lance Armstrong
7 x pairs of underpants (one for each day)
1 x Rebel Without A Cause - DVD - ( Starring James Dean)

I haven't quite decided who will get what just yet. Lets just say its a work in progress. On reflection, I might leave the underpants to  Nick - the angel mechanic. He could use them as rags to wipe his oily hands clean between jobs. I will probably leave  'Teddy' to Ell because he will be need a good home when I am gone, and she has good rapport with him, having supported him in teaching Teddy Yoga. ( See right for a photo of Ell practicing the art of Teddy Yoga.)

I still find it ridiculous that I  have spent a big chunk of this lifetime living with the dreaded clutteritis, creating distractions and defenses, causing myself to feel enslaved, and yet somehow when the time comes to leave, I won't be able to take any of it with me.

Onward ...


  1. As always, you made me giggle. It would be an honour to give Teddy a home when you die. Oh, the day is drawing nearer and I feel sad about that...

    Safe to let go x x x

  2. P.S. I will gladly inherit your overdraft, because I love you ;-)

  3. Yes, I am finally having moments where the physical world we don't take with us is feeling spongey instead of spikey. It is freedom when we can let go not only of losing them, but of keeping them in order--a big one for me.

    I can't bring myself to do a will. First come, first serve. I think my homemade(not by me) scooby doo mug/pencil holder is going to be the biggest problem--might even start a war.